Do You Need Help with Rewriting a Sentence Correctly?

how to rewrite a sentence without plagiarismKnowing how to rewrite a sentence without plagiarism is vital if you want to avoid any issues with your writing. Getting caught using other people’s words without giving the due credit could see you being thrown out of the course you are on. Researching and getting ideas about how to write your paper or assignment is fine, but you should always put things in your own words and provide citations where you have used other’s ideas. Knowing how to rewrite a sentence in a way that totally avoids any issues with copying is not so simple. Many find that they still repeat much of the original text or they will change the meaning in some way. Using a sentence maker online to automatically change the text is one way but the final result is not always of a standard that you can happily use.

best sentence maker online professional helpOur help rewriting a sentence has been supporting students, webmasters, and many others with their paraphrasing and rewording for many years. We can help you to ensure that your writing will always be unique when you submit it. Our services use some of the best rewriting experts that you will find online and we are totally confident that you will be fully satisfied with our services.

The following are a few of the many questions that we have been asked regarding our services and the answers that we have provided:

Is there really that great a risk that copied work will be identified?

With the ease with which you can copy material from the internet, most tutors are well aware that that the temptations to submit a copied piece of work is high. This is why many not routinely use software to check your writing. The Turnitin report will quickly show them if your assignment or parts of it have been copied.

Is it OK to paraphrase what someone has written? Is it legal?

Within academic writing, you will often need to make reference to what many other authors have written over the years. On the whole, you will be expected to put what they have to say in your own words and only use a quotation if it is important that you use the specific words that the author used. Even if you rewrite what someone else has said or repeat it verbatim you must still provide your reader with a citation to give credit to the original writer.

Why can’t I just use a free sentence maker online?

Using a sentence changer to avoid plagiarism is not always the best way forward. These tools may be free and almost instant to use but they do not however always provide you with the results that you need. They simply work by changing words for synonyms, but with many words having multiple meanings the software will often get it totally wrong. These tools also do not change the structure of the source writing at all. If you want useable rewritten text then it must be done manually by someone that fully understands the original text.

Can your sentence maker online help provide text in the right format for my Apple?

We know that people use many different forms of software from Word and Google Docs through to Pages for Apple. Our services are able to provide you with your writing in whatever format you specifically need.

Do you know how to rewrite a sentence and provide a correct citation for my paper?

Yes; not only can our experts carefully rewrite your text so that it is unique and focused on your audience they can also ensure that your citation and references are produced perfectly. Credit must always be given to your writing and that credit must be formatted in a very specific way. Our experts fully understand all of the different academic styles and can provide your references in MLA, APA, Chicago and many other styles.

Are you sure that your rewriting will be seen as unique?

Our sentence rewriting professional help online uses only reliable staff that take great pride in what they do. Each will ensure that all paraphrased text is produced in a way that will be totally unique to you. We also provide you with a plagiarism report on every order to confirm that your work is original.

Are your writers qualified to know how to rewrite a sentence for my paper?

Paraphrasing is far harder than most people expect and requires a full understanding of the source text. It is not simply about swapping words and changing the order of your sentences around. We offer the best support with rewriting as we ensure that you will work with the best rewriters.

Your expert will be:

  • A specialist in your subject area with a full Ph.D. or Masters degree;
  • Highly experienced at providing the form of rewriting you require;
  • Will know precisely how to create correct references and citations in your chosen academic style;
  • Will have excellent writing and native level English skills.

What happens if I am not happy with your help rewriting a sentence?

Our sentence maker online help will always work closely with you to understand precisely what it is that you expect from your rewriting. We will want to know who your intended audience will be and of course the reasons for your paraphrasing. If however, you are not totally happy with the paraphrasing that has been completed with you then our experts will offer you unlimited revisions. They will make as many changes as you need no matter how minor until you are satisfied with the end results, if we are unable to satisfy you then we provide you a full refund of your service.

Should you have any additional questions on how to rewrite a sentence or would like to make use of our highly professional and reliable services just get in touch with our experts here today for a support that you can trust!